Our Story

29150_125818597437347_2427550_nI am a US citizen. My children and I live in Portsmouth, Virginia. I met my husband in July of 2009, at a Mexican Restaruant in Virginia Beach, VA. I was out with my friends, he asked me to dance, we talked about all the things we have in common, and set a date for the next day. Our first date was a picnic at the beach, from that day on, we became best friends. We continued to go fishing together, we took salsa lessons, we cooked international foods, we discovered wine tasting, and museums. As our commitment to each other got stronger, we decided to work on blending our new family. We gave up the club scene to be closer to our children. (Although, we still danced Salsa/Bachata at home privately.) My children accepted Francisco, & his son with open arms. In 2010 we all lived together. Francisco & I set our life around the children’s schedule. Francisco never met with co workers for drinks after work, he did not have hobbies of his own because he wanted to support all 3 children’s activities.  Francisco taught the boys how to camp. We went on a family vacation or a mini trip every chance we could get. My husband would take the boys to work with him in the summer, to teach them a trade. Yet, my husband was sensitive enough to listen to my daughters “teen drama” over an ice cream cone. Francisco took off work to make it to every one of my daughters viola concerts. We were at the football field as a family every Friday night to support my son through his senior year. Francisco took the children & me fishing almost every weekend at the Chesapeake Bay. We love family time. We were married in 2011. Our children were very happy.

We decided to open a Construction Company, in Chesapeake Virginia. Our customers voted us with a  #1 rating from our community on Angie’s List, due to our outstanding  service. We donated to women shelters. We have volunteered services in our community.

My husband came to this country in the 2000 in search of a better life. My husband crossed the boarder from Mexico. That was our family secret, always in the back of our minds. At any time, even a normal traffic stop could ruin our family’s life. My husband’s driver license had expired, some people refused payment for work completed because they suspected he was “illegal”, and just living in fear every day led us to try to make things right. With no legal advice, my husband & I went to Mexico, to ask for a pardon from the US Embassy. That was the biggest mistake of our life! The US Embassy would not talk to me or give me an appointment. I had to come back to Virginia, and leave my husband in Mexico. He had been in the U.S. for 12 yrs.  While in Virginia, a family friend suggested an Immigration Lawyer. We filled out the proper paper work, paid many fees. Nine months later, my husband got an appointment at the US Embassy, in Jurez, Mexico.  At his 5 minute US Embassy appointment on December 26, 2012, he was asked about his finger prints in 1998. In 1998 Francisco was put out of the US on a Voluntary Departure.  Because  his son was 6 months old and a  US citizen, he was able to sign a voluntary departure paper.  He was told that this would not affect his ability to apply for citizenship at a later time. The current Immigration Officer at the US Embassy, said to send her proof of that voluntary departure paper from 1998 and his passport, and she will make a decision. Francisco does not have that paper from 1998, we are currently  requesting  a copy from the government. We hope, after he turns in this paperwork & passport, he will be
64018_159565177396022_435652_n allowed back in the US. We have been told that this is unlikely, that he may be subjected to a 10 year, or 20 year bar from entering the United States. Today, we know the meaning of fear. This immigration journey has been a nightmare. We have spent everything we had. We have sold everything we owned. Our home has been for closed.  Trips to the Emergency room for Anxioty attacks.  Our children can not understand why we have interrupted their lives. My husband was the main support in our family, now he works for $20 a day, when he can find work in Mexico. Our children have had to change schools. It is too dangerous for our children and I to live with him in Mexico. We struggle everyday to hold back our tears. I need my husband home.

I am asking that I be treated as well as everyone else in comprehensive immigration reform. Please do not forget about our family, we just want to be together. Please don’t leave us out of the new immigration reform laws.



  1. A man should have the God given right to pursue a life of purpose. Desperate times may have led to desperate measures, but how can we then keep a family apart. Criminals are rehabilitated & reenter society daily, surely a family man with a paperwork issue can be pardoned. May God bless this family & may no man put asunder this marriage.

    • Thank You Tiff, it means alot when family has our back.

  2. I will continue to pray for you and your family. God can overcome anything.

    • Thank You Sharron, it means alot.


  4. Im in the same situation as you. My husband left in oct 2010. Its been 3 years and hes missed 3 years of our kids life growing up. Im struggling in all ways possible my husband is extremly depressed. I have a lawyer but nothing seems to be working.

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